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Tips to Choose a Bath or Kitchen Faucet


A number of styles, varieties and faucet designs are available in the market these days. Finding the right faucet for your kitchen or bathroom is critical so that it not only serves the desired purpose, but also looks good when installed and goes with the theme and size of your basin or sink. If it is your first time buying a faucet, don’t worry. The styles, designs, and options you will find in the market will definitely overwhelm you but the good thing is that we have brought some useful tips and advice to help you buy the perfect faucet for your kitchen or bathroom.

Faucet Functionality and Design

Obviously, when you are going for a new faucet, you will consider both functionality and design. Many people make the mistake of choosing a faucet based on the looks alone, but that is wrong. Looks are definitely important, but so is the functionality. You definitely have to keep practicality in mind when buying a faucet.

Review the Faucet Price

Another factor to consider when buying a faucet is the price tag. You will find all kinds of faucets in the market, from simple and inexpensive ones to stylish and expensive ones. Price is definitely something to consider. Our advice to you is to spend enough on the new fitting but not too much. Your budget for bathroom faucets should be anywhere up to $65 to $70, whereas your price tag for a kitchen tap should be a minimum of $100. Most inexpensive faucets are of low quality and they will not last you a very long time before they start leaking. So always consider reliability and durability when buying a faucet.

Choose Matching Finish

When buying a faucet, choose one that has a good finish. The finish should match the finish of nearby hardware, such as that used on the cabinet drawers. The mismatched accessory will not go with the theme and will be the odd one out. Some popular finishes you can choose from include nickel, bronze, polished chrome, and more.

Consider the Size and Style of the Sink

Obviously, you also need to consider the shape, size, and style of the sink or basin where the spigot will be installed. If it has two holes, you will need to buy a fitting accordingly. Similarly, you can choose between a single-handle or a double-handle faucet. You will find two-handle faucets in most bathrooms as they have a stylish symmetry. This style suits most bathrooms and double-handle also offers convenience, as well as the option to mix warm and cold water together.

Whichever tap you decide to add to your kitchen or bath, make sure you discuss your options with our professional Cypress Plumbers at Peter’s Plumbing. We provide the best Houston Plumbing Service in the area. Call us at (832) 885-9255 to request an estimate.