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Things to Know About Toilet Replacement

Toilet Replacement
Toilet Replacement

You might want to go ahead with a toilet replacement for various reasons, such as if the toilet is too old and is not working properly, if you are planning for a bathroom remodeling project, or if the toilet bowl was damaged due to any reason. Although toilet replacements are not very common because of their sturdy and solid construction which makes them last a lifetime in most cases, you might still plan or need to go for one.

Why Would You Need Toilet Replacement?

One common reason for toilet replacement is that with usage and wear and tear, heavy lime deposits can build up in the toilet which can start looking dirty and also affect the functioning of the toilet. Other factors such as slow flushing and clogging can be another reason. Also, with time, the seals between the tank and the bowl can harden and crack, leading to leakage. This is when most homeowners decide to go with a toilet upgrade ad choose a model that blends better with the overall bathroom remodel. Usually, a bathroom or toilet upgrade will involve upgrading to a toilet that features new technology and design.

Replacing a Toilet

Replacing a toilet itself can be an unpleasant task. It is also a technically difficult thing to do if done by an amateur. This is why it is important to contact a professional plumber in Houston, TX to do the job. Peter’s Plumbing is a well-known name when it comes to toilet replacement in Houston or Cypress, Texas. We are known to do the best Cypress Plumbing Service in the area. Call us now at (832) 885-9255 to do the job.

Choosing a New Toilet

Once you decide to go ahead with toilet replacement, the next thing to do will be to choose the new toilet. For that, a good idea will be to measure the existing toilet and see where the drain pipes are placed so the new toilet will be able to fit in the space on the existing drain pipes. The new toilet doesn’t have to be the exact same size as the existing toilet, but it has to be somewhat similar in size so it fits comfortably in the given space. You will also need to measure the space from the wall behind the toilet to make it easy for you to bold the base of the toilet.

Get Help from Plumbers in Houston, Texas

The professional plumbers at Peter’s Plumbing are experienced and know how to get the job done. When it comes to toilet replacement, you can rely on our Houston Plumbing Service. We not only offer competitive and affordable rates, but we make sure the job is done right and professionally. Call us today at (832) 885-9255 if you are planning for a toilet replacement.