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Water Heater Replacement

Water Heater

At Peter’s Plumbing & Remodeling LLC, we have water heater replacement experts who have the right tools and experience to quickly replace a water heater so that you can enjoy hot water as soon as possible. Moreover, we offer affordable rates that suit almost everyone’s budget and are open to flexible appointments to fit your schedule. If you are not sure about the kind and size of water heater you need, our experts can help you determine the best option according to your needs.
When the water heater is not working properly, the simplest tasks seem very difficult. Our team of knowledgeable technicians is always there to provide the best water heater replacement services to homes in Houston, TX and surrounding areas including Cypress, Tomball, Spring, Katy, and Inner-Loop Houston, Texas.


Types of Water Heater Problems & Ways to Fix

No Hot Water

The main reason why your water heater doesn’t work properly largely depends on the type of unit you have. Some heaters fail to produce hot water due to blown fuses, tripped breakers, or any faulty heating element. Our team of experienced plumbers offers excellent water heater replacement services and will make sure it is functioning properly. If you can’t figure out the problem yourself, give us a call.

Strange Noises

Sometimes, rumbling and popping noises indicate that some parts need to be replaced. If you feel your unit is not operating properly, contact us immediately at (832) 885-9255. If the noises are severe, our experienced plumber will replace your water heater to prevent any major damage.

Low Amount of Hot Water

If you are always running low on hot water, it may be an indication you need water heater replacement. Give us a call and our plumbers will discuss your issue and let you know if your water heater needs replacement.


Over time, some components in your water heater may erode hence causing water leakage. The ageing of the units can also cause this problem. If your tank is completely eroded, we recommend you go for a replacement.

When Is Water Heater Replacement Necessary?

Most of the times, water heater problems can be solved with professional repairs. But there are instances when repairs are not possible and you have to opt for water heater replacement. if you are not sure whether your water heater needs replacement or not, contact us at (832) 885-9255. Our plumbing experts will help you make the right decision. We provide fast and convenient replacement services in Houston, TX and surrounding areas at extremely affordable rates.