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Most Common Plumbing Problems

Plumbing problems

Clogged drains and leaky faucets are common plumbing problems you might run into every once in a while. Most people hold an opinion that common plumbing problems only occur in old homes, however, that is not true. Plumbing problems can arise in both old and new homes as there could be a fault in the installed equipment, or there could be a fitting error. Whatever the case, make sure you get help from Peter’s Plumbing in Houston. Peter’s Plumbing offers reliable and quality Cypress plumbing services. Let’s have a look at some of the most common plumbing problems you might run into.

Clogged Drains and Toilets

The most common plumbing problem faced in most homes and buildings is clogged drains and clogged toilets. If something blocks the drain partially or completely, it will result in clogging the drain or toilet. In the case of bathrooms, hair is often the culprit. Other items like the cap of a shower bottle or a small toy can also clog the drain or toilet. Similarly, if you drained toiletries or tissue paper down the toilet, it can result in a clogged toilet. The solution to clogged drains and toilets is to use a plunger to unclog the blocked pipes. You can also use preventive measures such as using a drain cleaner or a hair catcher to prevent hair and other items from pouring down the drain and blocking it. Make sure you contact the professional plumbers in Cypress, TX to resolve such issues.

Leaky Pipes and Faucets

Leaky pipes and faucets are a common problem in homes as well as apartment buildings. Dripping faucets can be irritating and a waste of money and resources. They will not only cause your water bill to increase, but they will also cause the development of rust or mold around the point where the water leaks constantly. Leaking pipes can also be a safety risk for people as they cause water to leak which may result in slip and fall accidents. If you are looking for professional Houston plumbing services, make sure you contact Peter’s Plumbing at (832) 885-9255

Water Heater Issues

If your water heater is not producing enough hot water to take a comfortable shower during winter days, chances are that your water heater needs repair or replacement. If the water heater is dripping, has rust developing around it, gives discolored water, or has noises coming from it, you could be facing water heater issues. Get help from the Houston Plumbing professionals at Peter’s Plumbing by calling (832) 885-9255. We have been providing plumbing in Houston services for many years.

Low Water Pressure

Another common plumbing problem faced in old homes is that of low water pressure. The pipes in these old homes become rusty and start leaking with time, so water doesn’t reach in the taps with pressure. This results in the water pressure reducing with time. To solve the issue, get in touch with the Cypress plumbers at Peter’s Plumbing.

Running Toilet

A running and leaking toilet is extremely annoying and can result in the wastage of a substantial amount of water. This could be due to a faulty washer or the flapper valve does not fit properly.

Whatever the case, make sure you get help and assistance from the professional plumbers in Cypress, TX by calling Peter’s Plumbers at (832) 885-9255