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Start a conversation with our plumbing contractors in Houston, TX, and learn about your options when faced with a challenge of your own. Peter’s Plumbing is powered by more than a quarter-century of experience with renovations and repairs. When you talk to one of our contractors, you can learn about your options, get an estimate on the costs involved with a repair, and learn about techniques you can employ to get things moving again.

As a home-based business, we understand the unique hurdles that many have to overcome when their fixtures and sewer connections start to break down. We also know about the concerns that many have regarding the mess that contractors often leave behind. Our team is focused on your satisfaction, so we offer both indoor and outdoor solutions that our clients need.

Competitive Rates and Clear Answers

Make your plumbing a priority when you partner with a group that is equipped for both residential and light commercial clients. We can unclog a sewer line at your home and walk you through other changes at your business. Our pricing is designed to make it easy to get the work you need without feeling the urge to postpone it all.

A Focus on the Client

When you call our office, you can talk with a plumber that understands industry terms and knows how to break down all of the details for the client. We can help you complete a minor repair at the house without it cutting into your free time. So give us a call today and live in a cleaner and safer home.

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