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Things To Know About Repiping a House

Repiping your home
Repiping your home

The process of replacing the old pipes in your entire plumbing system with new pipes is called repiping. This is typically done in homes where the water pipes are so old that detecting leaks is next to impossible. The old pipes laid underground could have become rusty or cracked or broken over time, leading to cracks and water leakage. Repiping is not like a regular plumbing job where you simply fix a leaking pipe or replace the joint with a new one. These leaks and cracks in old pipes often lead to water contamination, resulting in dirty water in the tank and taps. In such cases, it may be time to consider repiping.

What is Repiping?

The thing to understand about repiping is that it typically includes replacing the entire water supply plumbing system. The old pipes coming from the water tank to different parts of the building or home may be completely cut off or removed and replaced with new ones. These all-new hot and cold water pipes supply water to all faucets and fixtures of the home. Repiping does not involve any sewage work nor is it the same as replacing the existing sewer line system of the building.

Why Would You Repipe a Home?

As a homeowner, you may be considering replacing the old water pipes with new ones. You would need to repipe your home if the old pipes have corroded over the years, become rusty, if you are experiencing low water pressure in the taps, or if you see rusty colored water in the water tank and taps. Repiping is generally advised if you are refurbishing your home, or planning a bathroom remodeling or renovation project.

Steps Involved in Repiping a House

Repiping an entire building or structure can take several days, depending on the area and the number of water connections that need to be cut off and reinstated with new ones. There will be some cutting of the walls or floors involved which can lead to dust and debris. Make sure your belongings, especially furniture are covered and protected.

Repiping will be added to the bathrooms and kitchens as well as any water supply points located in the exterior. Make sure things in your kitchen and bathroom are safely covered or packed to avoid dust settling on them. When you hire professional plumbers at Peter’s Plumbing for your repiping project, we will do all the measurements and give you an exact estimate of the entire project, depending on the complexity and size of the home.

Calling the Repiping Experts

If you are looking for professional plumbers in Houston, TX, and surrounding areas, you can rely on the plumbing and repiping experts at Peter’s Plumbing. We have been serving in Houston, TX, and surrounding areas for over 40 years.