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Problems That Can Be Detected with Sewer Camera Inspection

Sewer Camera Inspection
Sewer Camera Inspection

Clogged drains and pipes are a common issue. However, when there is something blocking the sewer line, it may not be easy to identify what is causing the clog and where. Fixing clogged sewer lines can be costly and difficult, and the problem may take a while to surface. However, with the help of a sewer camera inspection, plumbing professionals are able to tell exactly where the problem is and what is causing the problem.

Sewer Camera Inspection

Let’s have a look at the different kinds of problems that can be detected with the help of sewer camera inspection.

Clogs in Pipes – Clogged pipes are a common issue in residential homes and localities. The clog is usually caused by objects like a small toy, or hair that may have made their way into the pipes through the drain.

Cracked Pipes – Over the passage of time, pipes can crack. This could be due to environmental and weather changes. A camera inspection will help identify any leaks or cracks in the pipe, as well as any breakage in the pipes.

Tree Root Infiltration – If the space around the pipes has a lot of trees growing in the area, pipes can become clogged as a result of tree root infiltration.

Grease Blockages – These are common in buildings that have a restaurant or in homes that have a busy kitchen. If the kitchens and restaurants do not have grease traps in place, it will result in grease blockages.

Collapsed Pipes – Sewer camera inspection is also a great way to detect any collapsed pipes that could be causing the clog. The camera inspection will tell exactly where the collapse is which is causing the clog and if something can be done about it.

Sagging Pipes – Sagging pipes become bellied which results in the build-up of dirt and debris. When waste keeps accumulating, it results in a clog. A camera inspection will tell the exact location of the sagging pipe.

Major Blockages – When waste accumulates in the drain pipes, it can result in major blockages. These blockages can be caused by hair, paper, and sanitary items that get drained or flushed in the sewer drain, intentionally or by mistake. No matter the cause, a camera inspection will help identify the major blockages.

Rusted Pipes – If you have old and rusted metal pipes, they can become clogged over time. When meta corrodes, it becomes weak and cracks with time. If the corrosion is not dealt with in time it can result in major damage which might require full replacement of the entire pipeline.