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Plumbing Tips You Should Be Aware Of!

Plumbing Tips

Just like every other utility, we take plumbing for granted. We kind of assume it is there for us until it stops working properly. We usually don’t spend a lot of time thinking about it or how it works, nor do we worry about maintaining it, but if we know some useful plumbing tips, they can come in handy.

Top Plumbing Tips

Plumbing problems are no fun to deal with. That is why we have compiled this list of some top plumbing tips you should be aware of. Our plumbing tips will help you prevent some of the biggest plumbing blunders and also make sure everything works smoothly. We also provide professional plumbing services in Houston, Texas. Contact Peter’s Plumbing at (832) 885-9255 if you need plumbing services in Houston, Texas.

Never Pour Oil or Grease Down the Drain

When you clean your dishes and wash some amount of cooking oil into the drain, it will instantly solidify and stick to the sides of the pipes. With time, food particles will start to stick to the oil deposits which can clog the pipes, causing serious plumbing problems.

Plumbing Tip : Use a Drain Strainer

Clogs are caused when things like food, hair, and soap residue deposit in the drains. Clearing a clogged drain can become gross and messy, and smelly too! The simple tip of using a drain strainer will help prevent unpleasant clogged drains in the future.

Plumbing Tip : Flush With Caution

There are some things that can be flushed and then there are some things that should not be flushed! If you start flushing personal hygiene products like toilet paper, sanitary napkins, tampons, cotton balls, and prescription medicines along with bodily waste down the toilet, you will run into some serious trouble pretty soon. Make sure you avoid such blunders!

You Should Know Where Your Main Water Valve Is

Pipes can burst or start leaking which can cause damage to your property. Make sure you are aware of where your main water valve is so you are prepared when there is an issue. Even if you have called the plumbers, they can take a while to reach you. It would save your house from a lot of water damage.

Test the Toilet Flush Valve for Leaks

Toilet leaks are manageable when you catch them in time, else they can be a real pain. If your toilet’s flush valve seal is leaking, it can add to the water bill and also make things messy. The best way to test any toilet flush valve leak is to add a few drops of food coloring to the toilet tank. Check it after some time to see if any of the colored water has made its way into the toilet bowl.

Plumbing Tip : Know Where the Main Sewer Drain Is

Even though most plumbing pipes and drains are out of sight, the main sewer drain should always be kept clear and free and should be located in an easily accessible and reachable place. In case there is a sewage line blockage, you will know exactly where to go!

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